We engage UConn faculty who have in-depth knowledge of human factors intrinsic to engineering projects together in collaborative research and teaching with faculty in other disciplines such as sociology, political science, and geography. Together, we create projects and products to improve livelihoods and reduce environmental impact globally. We engage companies conducting engineering operations and work with impacted communities, supporting business development and innovation around the world. Key faculty include:

Ghada Almashaqbeh (Computer Science and Engineering)

Emmanouil Anagnostou (Environmental Engineering)

Carol Atkinson-Palombo (Geography)

Marisa E. Auguste (Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center)

Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Oksan Bayulgen (Political Science)

Mark Boyer (Geography)

Boris Bravo-Ureta (Agricultural and Resource Economics)

Dan Burkey (Chemical Engineering)

Diego Cerrai (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Davis Chacon-Hurtado (Civil and Environmental Engineering and Human Rights Institute)

Audrey Chapman (Department of Community Medicine and Health Care)

Maria Chrysochoou (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Zoi Dokou (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Norman Garrick (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Krystyna Gielo-Perczak (Biomedical Engineering)

Mark Healey (History)

Shareen Hertel (Political Science and Human Rights)

John Ivan (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Prakash Kashwan (Political Science)

Kazem Kazerounian (Mechanical Engineering)

Christine Kirchoff (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Molly Land (Law and Human Rights)

Baikun Li (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Cuihong Li (Business)

Kathryn Libal (Social Work and Human Rights)

Nicholas Lownes (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Laura Mauldin (Human Development and Family Studies, and WGSS)

Jeffrey McCutcheon (Chemical Engineering)

Laurent Michel (Computer Science and Engineering)

Eleanor Shoreman Ouimet (Anthropology)

Rupal Parekh (Social Work)

Richard Parnas (Chemical Engineering)

Ugur Pasaogullari (Mechanical Engineering)

Malaquias Peña (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Michael Rubin (Human Rights Institute, Engineering and Business)

Lyle Scruggs (Political Science)

Helena Silva (Electrical Engineering and Materials Science)

Ranjan Srivastava (Chemical and Biomedical Engineering)

Amy Thompson (UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering)

Tim Vadas (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Guiling Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Sarah Willen (Anthropology)

Arash Zaghi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Jin Zhu (Civil and Environmental Engineering)